Exploring Charleston

Arriving somewhere after dark is always a little disorienting. It is hard to tell exactly what your surroundings look like or where you are. So when I woke up on Saturday morning (hours before anyone else…in typical Taylor fashion), I could not wait to get out and see what my surroundings looked like. What I walked out onto the deck to was southern paradise. A calm harbor, giant ancient oaks trees dripping in Spanish moss, the lingering golden glow of a just-missed sunrise, and a salty breeze just strong enough to make me go grab my patagonia from below deck.

If you couldn’t tell, I pretty much thought everything about the morning was perfect…so bear with me on all the pictures.






Rocco found this boat through AirBnB…it turned out to be an awesome and beautiful place to stay! After taking in the view for a while and snapping tons of pictures to send to my mom and dad, who are pretty much the only people I could trust to be up at the time, I decided to go for a walk to explore the neighborhood and (more importantly) search for coffee. Siri clued me into the sad fact that the closest coffee was a mile away at a Sunoco gas station. I was not deterred. I set off with my destination in mind.

The neighborhood was breathtaking, so the walk went really fast. This could also have to do with the fact that I was powerwalking from feeling awkward since it soon became clear that wandering around with messy hair, no makeup, the shirt I slept in, and a phone gps tourguide was not a sight people of the neighborhood were used to. Noted.



By the time I made my way back, surprisingly good gas station coffee in hand, I thought it was an acceptable time to force Danny to wake up and hang out with me, hehe. He’s so lucky. He’ll be the first to tell you, sleeping in is the opposite of relaxing to me…and lucky him, I also love company once I’m up.


{high waisted shorts, Asos} {crop top, Forever 21} {sunnies, Carrera}

It was pretty soon after we got up that Collette and Rocco stirred too. We lingered for a while on the deck, while all observing a boat slowly sink across the harbor. We’re pretty sure it somehow escaped from its dock overnight.




{Danny’s favorite pullover, Southern Tide}

Once it was a relatively acceptable hour, we popped some beers, got dressed for the day, and set out a plan for exploring Charleston. We called an Uber, and headed downtown to explore until we had to be back for our afternoon sail. I have been on a huge Parenthood kick recently, and I couldn’t help feeling like Crosby in his early, carefree days the whole time (I hope someone gets that reference!)






{espadrilles, thrifted Bettye Muller, similar here and here}

The boat we stayed on (which I cannot recommend staying on more!) was about 10 minutes outside of the city. Since we flew in, we were Uber-dependent. A small price to pay I figured for a private flight to Charleston! We pretty much had no plans once we got there, but it didn’t take long for our stomachs to take over and lead us in search of sustenance.



Happily, that search led us on a scenic walk to the weekly farmer’s market, where we all got to go off in search of what made our stomachs growl loudest without worrying what anyone else wanted because we could all get our own things! Rocco and Collette settled on sandwiches from a greek food stand, I devoured a wholesome strawberry and nutella crepe (oops!), and Danny made room for a bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast wrap!



crepe stand


{Bracelet, House of Harlow, rented from Rocksboxget your first month free (with unlimited boxes of jewelry per month) with code tsspoonfulofsugarxoxo}


Fueled up, we continued our walk to the water front. Danny and I are currently looking for a place next year, and I think we found some strong contenders. I am hoping if we pool our graduation gifts, 20 million dollars won’t be out of reach 😉






Absolutely in love with the door numbering here!

We finally made our way to the waterfront park, where Danny and Rocco were much more enamored with the civil war cannons and mortars than the actual view we trekked for.







Unfortunately, we lost track of time a little bit, and had to cut our time in downtown Charleston short because we had a boat to catch! We wrapped up the day with some Italian ice and a last-ditch (unsuccessful) attempt by me to rally people up for a ghost tour–my all time favorite activity. By the time we hopped in our uber, Danny and I were deep in our most common argument- is it more realistic to believe in ghosts or aliens? (He’s totally right, aliens are way more likely, but I’m right too on this one)


{ring, Kenda Scott}


{earrings, Bauble Bar}

I started out planning to make this a post about the entire day, sailing trip included, but it quickly became clear I got a little too snap-happy. So stay tuned for the final installment of the Charleston trilogy!


Come fly with me…

There are some things in life you don’t say no to.

A private flight with friends to the beach is high on that list. 

A few weeks ago, my friend Collette asked me if Danny and I would be interested in going on a weekend trip with her and her boyfriend, Rocco, during the first weekend of May. Then, she casually mentioned that Rocco had been wanting to fly somewhere, so they were thinking that would be our mode of transportation for the trip.

I was sold immediately, and was fairly certain Danny would be all over the idea too. Lucky me, I was right! (surprise, surprise…)

Rocco and Collette have been good friends of ours for a while. When Danny and I first started dating, I actually third wheeled Rocco and Collette for a flight around the triangle…Danny hadn’t become friends with them yet, so he didn’t snag an invite hehe. But I had never had the chance to fly with an actual destination in mind. Sign me up!

Our trip started out basically with only a plan to fly somewhere. It took us a while to settle on where, but eventually we chose Charleston, SC! One of my favorite cities, so I was quite pleased. In the two weeks leading up to the trip, we finally secured a place to stay (a boat yacht we found on Airbnb!!), and started to finalize some plans (read: Collette and I scouted places for bottomless mimosa brunches and were disappointed to find out they are illegal in SC). 


Despite the brunch setback, everything looked like it was going to be smooth sailing…until we began to stalk the weather forecast and our hopes of flying looked less and less plausible. By Wednesday, I was trying to temper my expectations, expecting that a 5 hour drive may be in my near future.




Luckily, Friday rolled around and the rain clouds rolled out! By the time our trusty pilot got off work, all signs of rain had been replaced by absolutely gorgeous weather. We met Rocco at the airport, packed up and took off!

Hard at work setting our flight plan!

Hard at work setting our flight plan!




The flight there went perfectly, we watched a beautiful sunset from above the clouds, and then ooed and ahhed over the lights of Charleston as we landed. We even got to see the Charleston Bridge all lit up over the harbor. And at around an hour and 20 minutes, it was an ideal alternative to the 4 hour and 45 minute drive! We landed around 9:30 and met our AirBnb host, Rob. He turned out to be one of the nicest guys I have ever met, and was a lawyer with some very interesting stories to share! He got us settled into the boat, and then left us to do our own thing for the night.


Our pilot explaining how flying works

Our pilot explaining how flying works



None of us had had dinner yet, and by this point it was nearly 11 PM. We headed into downtown Charleston on a Friday night, still dressed in our clothes from the day, and began to search for a bar that was still serving food. It was safe to say that I have never felt more homely than I did next to the College of Charleston going out crowd while asking bouncers if the food service had stopped!

We eventually found a bar with kitchen service and live music, and enjoyed a beer and some wings before calling it a night. Before we hopped in our Uber, I happened to spy the perfect gift to ask for for graduation…A toy carousel! This will look so good in my first grown-up apartment!


I can’t wait to share with you all the details of the rest of the trip!

Spring Pastels

This weekend my first Rocksbox package came in the mail! I anxiously tore open the box as soon as I got my hands on it, I could not wait to see what was inside! I absolutely LOVED all of the pieces my stylist selected, it was quickly clear that it is going to be very had to resist buying the pieces in my boxes.

rock collage

I immediately began thinking of everything I could pair the pieces with. I really love the earrings I got in this set, so they were the first of the set to get to go out for a spin. I wore this outfit earlier last week to grab dinner  with Danny. I looked a little ridiculous next to him because I had finished exams and decided to get dressed up, but he still had an exam to study for and showed up in sweatpants haha. I gave him a free pass since he had to study the rest of the night, but not without first enlisting him to take a few blog post shots.

I love these pastel earrings, and have a ton of things in my closet that match them. I loved this outfit because, although it looks nicer, it is so comfortable. The skirt is cotton and stretchy, the tshirt is soft and cozy, and the wedges feel (almost) like flats. The earrings were the perfect piece to tie the whole outfit together.



pastel 2


{Skirt, old, similar here} {shirt, Forever 21} {earrings and bracelet, rented from Rocksbox} {shoes, Dolce Vita} {Purse, JustFab, similar here}

pastel 5

pastel 7

Anyways, Danny and I are coming back from spending the weekend in Charleston. I cannot wait to put up some posts to show you what we got up to while we were there!


Onto the Next Chapter…


Why are we cheersing?

The best reason ever to be cheersing….we finished law school! No more exams, no more classes, no more papers, well….EVER!

I wanted to put up a short post today to update you all on this development in my life, since this is a lifestyle blog and all. Guess that means it is time to update my about me page, since it officially is outdated.

Yesterday, Danny sat for this last exam and I turned in my final research paper, and just like that, I walked out of the law school with nothing requiring me ever to return except for getting the combination lock off of my locker (yes, we have lockers like its middle school).



{bracelet, House of Harlow, rented from Rocksbox} {necklace, Perry Street, rented from Rocksbox} {dress, Forever 21}

Psst. If you haven’t tried Rocksbox before, its an awesome subscription service where you can get three gorgeous pieces of designer jewelry mailed to you as often as you would like! You earn credit that you can use each month towards buying pieces in your box, or you can keep them as long as you want and send them back! Once you send them back, you get three more! Get your first month free with the code tsspoonfulofsugarxoxo!

Anyways, after getting in some very necessary naps (and me getting my eyebrows and nails done so I felt human again), we headed out in search of cold beers and bar food. We passed by a bar called Four Corners, saw a sign for 4 dollar boneless wings, and knew we found just the place! We are not hard to please haha. Also, we had a great view from our table.




{watch, Daniel Wellington} {beer, Big Boss– if you live in Raleigh, you have to go check out this brewery!}


Now we have a few weeks to relax, celebrate, and (for me) work on the blog, before we start studying for the bar. We are off to Charleston, SC, this weekend with friends to kick off our break!


Fresh Pea Salad

This recipe lives in infamy as the only thing I have ever made that Danny straight-up refused to eat. I remember it clearly, even though it was last summer when I first made this salad… Me promising it was good, him telling me that he tries everything I make, and him telling me he draws the line at peas and I need to respect the line….yada yada yada.

Well I decided I do respect that because, duh, more for me!

Despite his less than glowing review, I cannot wait to share this recipe with you guys. Trust me (not Danny!), its amaaaazing. So deliciously fresh and light, I would love to eat it at a picnic or cookout, at school, at work, on a bus, on a train…(please tell me you get the reference and I don’t sound like a lunatic)


Or like I am right now. With the serving spoon straight out of the serving bowl for lunch. I am sorry you have to have that mental image, but I am just being real. Besides, no need to scoop it into a bowl for myself when I am the only one who is going to eat it!


A lot of these ingredients are things most people have on hand…dried cranberries (I think chopped dried apricots would also work well!), frozen peas, basil, lemons, feta cheese (goat cheese would also be good here), and onions.




This salad has a nice salty/sweet thing going on (sweet peas, salty feta, sweet craisins, salty….salt?) broken up by tangy lemon vinaigrette and red onions.  It is the perfect dish to throw together last minute for a summer potluck cookout or pool party. There’s nothing hard about it. I’m giving you measurements, but between you and me, they’re not even needed. I measured things out so I could post it here, but if I was just making it for myself I wouldn’t bother. Just add the ingredients to the peas until it looks and tastes good to you.


To start, prep all your ingredients, starting with your fresh basil, which is going to be treated to a nice chiffonade. Start by stacking your leaves on top of each other (no need to be meticulous), roll them up lengthwise, and then slice very thinly. It will look like this.


Everything else is pretty self explanatory…



As a final side note, I have made this before with edamame instead of peas, and I liked it just as much! So if you are looking to bulk up the protein so that this can serve as a stand-alone vegetarian meal, that is a great option!

Spring Pea Salad


2 cups frozen peas, defrosted

1/4 cup minced red onion

1/4 cup chopped fresh basil (see above for how to do this)

1/3 cup feta crumbles

1/3 cup craisins, roughly chopped (I used the low sugar type)

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

1 1/2 tablespoons fresh squeezed lemon juice

1/2 teaspoon honey

1/8 teaspoon garlic powder or 1/2 teaspoon minced fresh garlic

kosher salt to taste (I used just shy of 1/2 a teaspoon)


1. Combine peas, onion, basil, feta, and craisins in a medium sized mixing bowl and toss lightly

2. In a small bowl, combine olive oil, lemon juice, honey, garlic, and salt, and whisk to combine

3. Pour the vinaigrette over the pea mixture, and gently toss until evenly coated

4. This salad is best served the day it is made, but will last in the fridge for 2 or 3 days well covered.